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Finance refers to the management of a large amount of money or resources. Acquiring loan or raising capital for business, new ventures also come under finance. Also, providing funds to other companies is covered by finance. While lending the money the other party promises to repay it within prescribed time and along with interest. To sum up, finance deals with two things i.e. how money is to be managed and the actual process of acquiring required funds. Funds can be acquired internally and as well as externally. The internal source includes retained profits, controlling working capital and sale of assets whereas in the case of external sources fund can be raised via banks and public financial institution. Finance is divided into three categories and they are personal finance, corporate finance, and public finance. Finance was just an English word in the 18th century but now it has made its place and is now a recognized branch of economics. Apart from above, finance also deals with investment. For example, if a company is to be taken over then its assets and liabilities are to be valued and it comes under finance. The decision is made on the basis of the risk associated with the transaction and rate of return from it. Finance is a subject that can really give student’s a hard time. It is a technical and totally conceptual subject. The problems are time-consuming. Moreover, students make the mistake of ignoring theory. They do not understand that theory of the subject is important to solve its practical questions. Another problem that students face when it comes to financing is, they miss some lectures and in finance, some topics are interlinked and if they miss one they face trouble with respect to other topics. Also, poor planning, lack of time management and the dearth of resources makes finance a challenging subject. Our website will help students in every field of finance. Our tutors are professionals. They have years of experience. They are experts holding an advanced degree in the field of finance. They will not only help you in your homework but will also help you in understanding the core concept of Finance. They are at your service 24/7. The tutors of our finance homework help service will help you in building a solid understanding of finance. They will work from scratch to provide you with a brand you work. They will give you a 100% plagiarism free and supreme quality work. Prices won’t be an issue because we have decided that keeping student’s budget in mind. Also, you need not worry about your information being leaked. Our privacy policies are very stringent and your data and identity will be kept confidential always. If you are not content with the work then you may get it revised any number of times for free. All you have to do is fill the order form or contact us via e-mail to place your order. We will assign you the best tutor as per the topic is given by you. So, contact us for a better understanding of finance concept, stellar grades, and no stress. Hurry for sooner the better.