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A person who has had years of experience in the dissertation completion department and whose will to investigate the subject never goes down can be called the best dissertation writer. Dissertation writing requires patience and discipline as it is very extensive and without the correct structure it does not get even a single glance from the person who reads. The topic selected for the dissertation is up to the choice of the writer as he/she is the one who has to invest full three to four months in coming up with the dissertation, the content of which has been fully researched, argued, analyzed, and is not recurring. The writer has to contemplate the two methods of research methodologies so that the information collected is relevant to the topic. There are much information out there related to any subject that has not been investigated before, however, the writer should be knowledgeable to identify such data. The personal take on the topic by the writer is one thing that the reader is always keen to read and evaluate, therefore, the writer should not just state the information that he/she thinks is appropriate but argue the points and with the support of evidence validate his/her stance. The pupils usually do not have much time on their hands to spend in a lengthy writing process and therefore, most of the words included in the dissertation are cyclic and fail to describe the point in the way that could have impressed the examiner. The sources like internet and e-books are utilized to extract information on the topic, most of which are not true and not drafted in the own words of the pupil. The conclusion chapter of the research project, half the time is copied from the pupils who select the same subject which creates a huge problem as the analysis and the methods utilized for exploration differs.
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