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The longest piece of writing that the pupils in undergraduate, post graduate and Ph.D. levels are demanded to write in their final year are known as the dissertation. The content that the dissertation consists of are to be drafted by the pupils after full research of the subject. The key to writing a structurally right dissertation is to outline the subject beforehand so that the track that the writing has to follow is not disturbed. The pupils given the task of dissertation completion are expected to solely investigate the topic without any expert help. It is because dissertation writing serves as the opportunity for the pupils to show their literary and non-literary knowledge and writing talents on the basis of which they can get their degree and the authority to conduct exploration in the field after the end of the studies. The teachers either give the list of dissertation subjects from which the pupils can select or the pupils can come up with something of their own interest. The only obstacle that remains then is writing the dissertation proposal and getting it approved by the authority. A dissertation is a life-changing write-up in the pupils’ life which must be written with sincerity and utmost commitment. The pupils usually do not have the patience that the dissertation writing demands, which compels them to miss the deadline. The time limit given for dissertation completion is three to four months and the pupils procrastinate the writing part till the last minute. The mistakes in the grammar and the punctuation rob the dissertation of the quality that it would have otherwise attained. The chapters of the dissertation sometimes lack the thread that connects the writing which gives the idea to the examiner that the pupil did not have much knowledge about the topic and also lacks basic writing capabilities.
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