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An account is associated with recording and maintaining an account of a financial transaction entered into by a business house. This business house could be a small and medium enterprise, a big company, sole proprietorship, partnership firm, etc. Even nonprofit organizations also have to prepare and maintain books of accounts. All the receipts and expenditure related data is recorded. Accounts are prepared for a particular year known as financial year. The financial year could be or not a calendar year. Accounts are about recording in general ledger the collected data regarding transactions entered into by a company. An accountant maintains the account of a company. S/he is the one who is well versed with all the concepts of accounting and speak this business language eloquently. Initially, entries are recorded in the journal and from there they are posted to ledgers. It is followed by a trial balance and then financial statements are made which an auditor checks. They certify the statement by saying that it represents a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company. The financial statement consists of a statement of profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow statement. Usually, there are three types of accounts i.e. nominal account, real account, and personal account. Accounting is an interesting subject as long as one is clear with the concepts. Otherwise, it is bound to give you a tough time. It requires students to be skilled in both practical and theory. An account is a combination of math and legal work. A student who is good with math struggles with learning the part and vice-versa. Apart from this, Lack of planning and poor time management makes things more complicated. Even if they do complete their work on time, seldom is there word of appreciation from teachers and students feel de-motivated. Lack of proper environment does not let students concentrates on work. Are you able to understand the accounting principles in class but when it comes to solving questions and doing homework you feel like a lost soul? No more wandering students. You have reached your destination and you are most welcome here at accounting homework help service. Our tutors will be pleased to meet you and of course to help you. They will not only help you in solving your practical problems but help you with theoretical concepts as well. They have years of experience and they are masters of their field. Our experts will solve each and every accounting problem of yours. You need not worry about the due date. Whether it is tomorrow or several days ahead, our tutors will never miss the deadline. They will provide you with an excellent quality and 100% plagiarism free work. You may contact your assigned tutor anytime via live chat and provide them with instructions or guidelines and get tailor-made work. They will render their service 24/7 and it won’t cost you your arm and leg. Sort out what you need help with. Whether it is balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, etc or you need a helping hand with theory or practical? Fill the order form or contact us via e-mail to tell your requirements.